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Additional Report Formats

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Additional Report Formats

Is there a way to download report details in a format other than Excel or CSV? These are great if you are feeding them into a 3rd party database or reporting system, but if I just want to send my panelist(s) a quick chart or overview, I need to jump through so many hoops (some due to our own network settings, undoubtedly) to download an Excel file -- which initially doesn't open because my system thinks it's corrupt -- then I have to either run it again or go open it from my Downloads folder, then it opens in Protected mode, so I have to enable Editing. THEN I can start reformatting the text because the header data causes spacing issues with the results data further down in the report. I've attached a screen shot of the "Performance" report as an example. This is not a readable format.  Can't something like this be downloaded as a read-to-share PDF?  Similarly, the Analytics > Engagement section has a nicely formatted chart view of the survey and Q&A results.  I would like to be able to download the results in EXACTLY THIS FORMAT. Instead, I can only download into Excel or CSV.

Performance Details Report.JPG Survey Results Screen.JPG

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Hi @AZuckerman1

Thanks for your feedback.

I will share this with the team for reporting improvement consideration.

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Thank you.