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Customize Go to Stage Registration form

Customize Go to Stage Registration form

Hi, since we would ultimately use g2Stage recordings as a lead capture source, we'd like to be able to implement the same custom fields for registration as is possible on GoToWebinar. Currently Go to Stage only allows Name & Email fields.

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Hi @Nickbiop ,

This request is on the docket for development.  We'll update the Community with more information as it gets released.

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Hoping for an update on this one. We would love to use GoToStage, but the inability to ask additional registration questions there forces us to post the original registration links individually on our website, which is not as user-friendly and causes us double work to maintain. 

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Again, this is a feature we need as well.

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The ability to customize the registration page - and create an email alert to the Go To Stage owner - should be a simple enhancement for the platform since it already exists on the Go To Webinar platform.


Requiring a visitor to provide additional information in order to view a recording results in two positives:  (1) it keeps the spammers off the channel, and (2) it creates a more valuable lead record for those of us in sales.


It's been well over a year since this feature request was submitted.  Can we get a status update?


Thank you! 

Happy (almost) 2021 Everyone & Stay Healthy!