Delivered: Auto kick duplicate attendees

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Delivered: Auto kick duplicate attendees

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Delivered: Auto kick duplicate attendees

If an attendee is in a webinar multiple times (by following a shared link etc.) can you have it automatically remove the older attendee in favor of the new one?


What I envision:

-Webinar starts

-Person1 joins with link1

-Person2 joins with link1

-Person2 is asked if they want to <kick Person1>


--Person1 is kicked from the session

--Person2 joins the session


--Person2 does not join the session

Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

We have times when an attendee will connect to the webinar, then their computer freezes or something, so they have to reboot their computer and rejoin the webinar. Often the old connection to the webinar is still there, so they are now connected to the webinar multiple times.


I read somewhere thay they are only ever classed as a single entry in the data.  That said, should the presenter opt to kick one of the duplicate entries, you could, embarrasingly, kick the active user instead of the defunct one.  My proposal would prevent such an occurance.  

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Status changed to: Delivered

Organizers can now enable Restricted Join in their webinar settings so that an attendee's join link can only be used on one device.