Email after each webinar in a Series

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Email after each webinar in a Series

Email after each webinar in a Series

I've seen threads dating back years and still this (fairly simple option imho) isn't implemented yet? I'm really frustrated. Manually sending out a video after each session is only part of the solution and it's more work too.


We are doing partner webinars on a monthly basis and we want to see whether they have attended or not. And I want the reporting to be central. I can do very nice joined reports over multiple sessions in a series, but all  people that have looked at the video afterwards are not included due to manual sending of an offline version of the recording, so the report holds hardly any value.

Of course I can send them the link to the online recording nowadays, but then they have to register again, and I'm not sure if they will use the same email, not very elegant all in all.


Is there a place to vote on feature requests somewhere on this Community? 



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I too have been fustrated by this, since the beginning of time. We run twice a day webinars 5 times a week, and manually send recordings to our community.


Is there some way the API can pull out the recording link when it's ready, then I can create an app that send the email automatically! Any solution would be much appriciated.

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