Export attendee join links with the registration report

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Export attendee join links with the registration report

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Export attendee join links with the registration report

     We always have a considerable number of registrants saying they didn't get a confirmation (ends up in spam.) This seriously impacts our attendance numbers. I've had better luck doing a mail merge and sending out confirmations myself.  

     Unfortunately when you download a registration list, it does NOT include each individual's login link. So I go one by one and copy/paste each link from the online report. This is error prone and gets tedious when you have 300++ registrants! 

     Is there a way to do this more automatically? It's causing us to look at other platforms. I've asked support about this many times with no resolution. 

     For reference, we use a Pardot landing page with a form that links to GTW. After someone submits the form we tell them to watch for a confirmation / check their spam folder, but people must ignore that. 

     Many thanks in advance for any help!

Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi @Zelis,

At this time there isn't any way to export the full list of individual GoToWebinar Attendee join links, and I will migrate your request into the 'Community Ideas' section for a review by others.


In your case I would recommend your attendees allow the specific address "customercare@gotowebinar.com".

GoTo Moderator
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