Host a Webinar from a Chromebook?

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Host a Webinar from a Chromebook?

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Host a Webinar from a Chromebook?

I'm using a Chromebook, Version 47.0.2526.110 (64-bit)Platform 7520.67.0 (Official Build) stable-channel wolf
Firmware Google_Wolf.4389.24.62. 
I started the free trial on Goto webinar but could not get full functionality and those trying to attend the webinar (from various devices) could not see me or access functions

GoTo Manager
Hi Michelle,

At this time Chromebooks are only supported for attending GoToWebinars, they cannot be used to host them. In order to host a webinar you will need to use a Windows PC or Mac that meets the following system requirements:
Global Brigades
New Member
Hi Glenn,

What is the update on Chromebooks ability to host webinars? When can we expect this to be available?

Xavier Tesch
New Member

I am using linux and encounter the same issue. I can attend but not host anything.

It works well with gotomeeting and I do not understand why this feature is not available in gotowebinar. It is extremely frustrating to have to switch laptop and set up a vm to do demos under linux.

Can we expect this feature to be released soon ?