Improve the way a webinar Presenter sees poll results.

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Improve the way a webinar Presenter sees poll results.

Improve the way a webinar Presenter sees poll results.

When sharing the poll results, the organizer and attendees can view the results, but the panelist/presenter cannot. We tried undocking the "Audience View" pane and expading it, but the font is too blurry to read. Our solution is for the Organizer to give an audible report of the results ("25% said they have no prior experience"). This could work, but is not ideal. It would be much better for the pan./pres. to SEE the results than to try to remember what they were from what someone said. Plus, to the audience it feels like someone is reading contents of a slide (which is exaclty what happens), and presenters know that reading a slide to an audience is not good practice when presenting. Is there a better solution?

I would like to second this and bump it up the enhancements list.
Dawn Lomer
New Member
This is also a problem for us. It's awkward for the organizer to have to break in to read out the results of the poll questions to the presenter.
Edward Kurtz
New Member
Also have interest to improve this feature?  Any progress from GTW?
Dawn Lomer
New Member
This is still a huge issue for us and there has been no progress improving this from what I can see. Is there any chance this is going to be addressed anytime soon? It puts the presenter in a tough position to try to comment on the results of the poll when all they have to refer to is my having read them out.
New Member
New Contributor

We are still interested in having Presenters being able to see poll results. Actually it's quite disappointing that such an important role doesn't have such access, even though it's been requested since 2013.

New Member

This needs to be fixed. It leaves the presenter with out being able to see the audience response. 

UB Alumni Caree
Active Contributor

This is a very ackward situation for presenters. They feel very left out of the loop.  This has been an issue for us since the beginning (and longer than that based on this thread). Hopefully it can be addressed SOON.


I agree with the others. The presenter needs to be able to view the polling results. Our most recent webinar using polls was on July 7, 2022 and I, as the organizer, had to read the polling results for all 3 polls to the presenter. 

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