Is there a way to Count the # of Hands raised at a particular point? ( a "Snapshot" count if you would?)

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Is there a way to Count the # of Hands raised at a particular point? ( a "Snapshot" count if you would?)

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Is there a way to Count the # of Hands raised at a particular point? ( a "Snapshot" count if you would?)

I would LOVE to be able to get a snapshot count of the number of hands raised.. at any time.

I'll ask a question of the group, ask for a show of hands.. and it'd be nice to get a) a count and b) a %age calculation ( ie: 4 hands raised, 25 % of my group (of 16) )

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Hello Chuck,

Thank you for submitting the idea, however this functionality already exists for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining. The % of attendees that have raised their hands is displayed in the 'Dashboard' pane of the organizer's control panel.  This information is not captured in post-session reports though, so if you need to reference it at a later time, please be sure to write it down in the moment!  GoToMeeting does not have this functionality as it does not have a hand-raise feature.


Does GoToWebinar have the ability to filter all raised hands and collate them at the top of the attendee list? This would remove the need to constantly scroll through 300+ attendees to spot those wanting to speak


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Hi @KirstieBlakeman ,

There is currently no way to tally the number of hands rased at one time, though you can easily do something similar with a Yes/No Polling Question during your live broadcast.




Has this changed at all? 

It would be really useful in the analytics of GoToWebinar to be able to report on who raised their hand and when exactly it happened. 


It would also be very useful to have a timestamp on when a GoToWebinar session goes live to All Attendees, not just when the seminar is started.







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I would second having a timestamp for when the broadcast actually begins, not just when a session was started.  We get the presenters on early so an hour session is reported as being 1.5 hours or so even if the session is only open to attendees for an hour.

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Sorry, there have been no development on this idea yet. 


I recommend you checkout the webinar release notes here for updates: 




I would just add that as a governmental entity, it is sometimes necessary to prove these things:

1. Actual time attendees began seeing broadcast.

2. Who raised their hand & when exactly that was.


Since you're already catching points around these fields (Webinar Start & End times, Attendee Join & Leave times), it would be really nice to have the other points included in a post meeting log.

Thanks again.

Pete Collins

GoTo Moderator
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