List of available Webinars, Catalog

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List of available Webinars, Catalog

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List of available Webinars, Catalog

Is there a way to get a an outward facing dynamic listing of all scheduled Webinars without manually creating it?

GoTo Manager

This is not currently a feature, but it's a great idea!
Rob Buser
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled ''ONE LINK'' entire webinars schedule?.

Hi GTW Fans...Is there a place in the back-office were i can find ''ONE LINK'' so people can vissit my entire webinars schedule? (instead of the individual webinar links)
GoTo Manager

Hi Rob, currently the only ways to do this are:

  • Post the individual registration page links to your own web/blog page
  • Use our API to pull the list of webinars from your account and publish them to your own web page 


New Member

Hello, I am a customer who subscribes to GotoTraining and GotoWebinar.  I really like having the Master catalog of our Training sessions in GotoTraining. However, that same feature Is Not available for GoToWebinar.


It would be a great enhancement to your platform if you could add a Master catalog option to GoToWebinar such that we could publish a Master Catalog of our Webinar sessions like we do in GotoTraining. Please let us know if you add this feature. It would be great. Thank You!


Dr. Ed Hubbard

GoTo Moderator
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