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More options with recordings

More options with recordings

*I would like to see a way to secure down the recordings that I have.

*I would like to see the abality to make the recording only veiwable and to take away the ability for registrants form downloading the content, and sharing.

*could take this a step furter and make this an option in the setup of the webinar on how the recordings are reviewed., and give different options for attendees and for panalists. 

*Give the option to sent a link to attendees and panalists to view recording.

Want further/more infomation on this please reach out to me.

Thank you for your time.


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GoTo Moderator

@stcroix  I understand your concerns.


Unfortunately there will never be any way to fully secure a video stream online, when you consider the fact that capture programs exist for this exact purpose.  We do not offer a direct download option for Attendees however, so they would have to know how to capture A/V streams on their own.  This is true for all video streaming services including Netflix and Youtube.


You can include a link to the recording in your Followup Emails to Attendees and Absentees, though you would have to share this manually with your staff members.