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Personalize or customize Email formatting

Personalize or customize Email formatting


is it somehow possible to personalize the automatically generated mails? 
Is the use of placeholders for name, date, etc. possible?

Thank you 

c jameson
New Member
what will the time in India 5:30 am SST please and it will be in iphone
David Hunt
Active Contributor
I have always though the email customizations to be very limited. Why Citrix doesn't allow an event organiser to put whatever he wants, where he wants and in the format he wants is beyond me.
Guacamole Shoes
New Member
It's clear Glenn does not understand.  The confirmation email uses the same text that is in the webinar description/invite email, which is also used on the registration page the registrant needs to complete to actually register.  I/we would like to know how to NOT have the same text used, so that the webinar description has it's own text, the registration page has it's own text and the confirmation email has it's own text.  No one wants to customize the GoTo details and instructions, we want the ability to instruct and inform in a way that is best for our participants.
GoTo Manager
Hi, the original question asks how to customize the confirmation email and insert HTML links, which is possible using the custom text fields mentioned in the support article.

The level of customization you are asking for, where the description is not included in the confirmation email etc, is not currently possible. You may find using our free API gives you more flexibility and control:   
GoTo Manager

Hi Phil,
While you cannot currently edit the typeface or general layout for the GoToWebinar attendee email templates, ou can customize the email that is sent to your attendees at different stages of the webinar process, this support article explains how:  


** Currently you can only create your own email communications through API integrations, which can be provided by third party providers if you do not have development options yourself. 



Brenda AW
New Contributor
The confirmation email uses the same text from the description.  This confuses our registrants because we include text that describes the registration process (we charge a fee and that takes place on another website).  Without this text, many registrants may not continue to the payment page, which necessitates that I followup with them.  If I could edit the description part of the confirmation email it would reduce confusion, which saves me time by not having to reassure confused registrants.  
Webinar Chick
Brenda, I cannot agree more.  It is confusing to the registrant.  There is a small custom text area where I will sometimes explain the duplicate text to lessen the confusion.

It would also be great to have the ability to add a handout with the confirmation message as well - perhaps an agenda or meeting docs. 

Retired GoTo Contributor
Brenda, this link will assist you regarding your confirmation email that is sent to your attendees.
Frequent Contributor
I key some format characters and try to offset the custom area to  help people understand and draw their attention. Like this:  

================  XYZ COMPANY STAFF NOTES ===============
Most of this email is auto-generated and cannot be edited except for this block. 

Please note (whatever I want to tell them).....

================ END OF STAFF NOTES====================
Michelle Bouche
New Member
Glenn, nothing personal, but how is it possible a product as mature and robust as GTW does not offer basic tools like editing capabilities for the areas discussed in this thread?! Even this comment box has basic editing tools and the ability to get to the HTML! We left webex because the user experience on the back end is so bad. However, they did at least have customizable invitations and notifications that were easily managed. I'm constantly shocked that the most popular programs leave so much to be desired for the end user. Mostly small things that make a big difference. I hope your product dev team is working on changes the users actually want, instead of what they think we should have. So frustrating! I imagine it is for you, too, having to respond to these issues. Thanks for listening.