Phone attendance report

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Phone attendance report

Phone attendance report

Hundreds of our participants are blocked from downloading and logging into GoToWebinar’s platform by firewall protections at their places of work, and we anticipate this number continuing to grow. However, those who are blocked by firewalls are still able to access our presentations over the phone using the number and access code from their GoToWebinar email invite.


In order to accurately capture the attendance of our presentations, we need to know how many participants are calling in. This metric has become increasingly important for gauging the reach of our program as we have transitioned to an exclusively virtual environment during the pandemic.


While we appreciate the updates that GoToWebinar has made in the Analytics section, we also understand that collecting call-in data is available for GoToMeeting and would like to request the addition of this feature to GoToWebinar as well.  Thank you in advance for considering our request that we feel would benefit our organization as well as yours.

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Good Afternoon,

  We'd like to suggest a telephonic attendee report that we could pull for all future webinars.  We currently have to go through the process of calling in every time and having the information pulled by a technician.  This hasn't been a problem but recent we have been told it's not something that will be provided to us anymore.  As you can imagine this is causing great concern for us, as it's a deliverable to our clients.  Our account representative recommended we start a topic suggestion

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Thanks for your feedback here, we will pass this on to the team.