Redirect everyone to a specific webpage automatically when the webinar ends

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Redirect everyone to a specific webpage automatically when the webinar ends

Redirect everyone to a specific webpage automatically when the webinar ends

Hi everyone, I've dug around and can't seem to find if it's possible with gotowebinar.
At the end of the webinar, I would like everyone directed to a web page. I know we can do this after registration, is there a way to do it at the end of the webinar?
Thanks for any assistance,

Robin Stout Mig
New Member
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Need "Webinar Full" message field to be editable.

Sometimes, I don't want the "Webinar Full" message to display. I may want to change it to "Registration is Closed" or some other message. Please approve an enhancement to make this message field editable by the organizer. Thanks.
Allison Vess1
New Member
One year later....has this been fixed so we can customize the "this Webinar has ended" screen?
GoTo Manager

Anyone who registered for a webinar but tries to join it after the webinars scheduled date and time will see 'This webinar has ended', it is not customizable. 

Anyone using the original registration link to register for the webinar after the webinar was held, can be automatically directed to the webinar recording.


Dan Brunelle
New Member
Here's why we NEED to have the ability to edit the Webinar has ended page.  The URLs for our webinars are hard coded into our automated email flows (salesforce, marketo etc) These webinars are recurring... As such we can't go into our campaign flow and update the URL every time need to make an update. Many of the links are sitting in our users inboxes and will not update dynamically.  It would be great if we can add to register for our next series click here <new webinar URL> 
Rajesh Talele
Active Contributor

It seems it is a old thread. But answering it in case it can help someone...

One solution can be to link the 'Join webinar' link to be a Marketo landing page link.

And then in Marketo you can add logic to 'automatically' show different message after the event have
taken place already. Same thing for 'registration page'. I have personally done it a couple of times in Marketo for some customers.

Nadia Julie Fro
New Member
Hi Rajesh
How would you do this? By adding a smart campaign or?
Rajesh Talele
Active Contributor
Hi Nadia,

Not smart campaign. But there are several ways depending on the level of automation you want.

So if the 'Join webinar' link is a link to a Marketo landing page, then you can change the 'message' on that page in Marketo to whatever you want.

So you can have,
1> Manually modify the message on this landing page in Marketo after the webinar date has passed.

You can use Marketo program level tokens for this too.


2> Use webhooks mechanism a bit similar to
'automatically' change the message once the webinar date is passed.
The above link checks for if a registration form in Marketo has reached a maximum cap limit. But a similar web hook from Bright can be used.

Hope this helps.

Heidi Hokanson
New Member
Currently the messages says something like "The webinar has now ended. Please contact the organizer, [name] at []." I just want to change that name and email. 
GoTo Manager
Hi Heidi,

For transparency, that message will always display the organizer's name and email address as it is listed on the account.

New Member


My understanding is the email can be edited before the webinar begins. Once the webinar is over, this email is no longer editable. We just experienced something related to this, and moving forward want to set the webinar "Reply-to:" to a specific email related to each webinar topic rather than the default email which is associated with our GoToWebinar account. Hope that helps.