Reporting on multiple recording views simultaneously

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Reporting on multiple recording views simultaneously

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Reporting on multiple recording views simultaneously

Hello LogMeIn team,

I host a bi-weekly call for Professional Services of my organisation and thus produce reports on who has attended, which is pretty easy to do.

After my event, I edit the recording and post it to a private channel on GoToStage.

I am now being asked to report on how many views my event recording have had over the FY which started in Oct and I haven't found a way of doing so without having to look at each one individually, which will be an onerous task as the year progresses!


GoToStage's analytics gives me high level numbers which I can export, but I cannot define a time period.  If I drill down into the detail, I can also see the high level numbers include multiple views by the same person/registered email.  Not ideal!


GoToWebinar's analytics allows me to define the time period, but does not allow me to select more than one recording, so again I would have to report on each individual recording.  


Ideally, I would like to be able to report on all the videos I upload to GoToStage, i.e. edited events rather than the recording of the original broadcast, during a specific time period AND would like the ability to be able to count total views including multiples of the same email, or toggle it to show a count of unique email addresses.


Thank you for your attention and please do contact me if you would like to discuss this idea some more!

Thank you!





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