UX improvements for sharing ondemand webinars

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UX improvements for sharing ondemand webinars

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UX improvements for sharing ondemand webinars

I'm setting up my ondemand webinar from a recording I ported over. Yay, GoTo can win a customer from competition. Boo, I'm having trouble with acceptable sharing opportunities.

when I created our channel and shared, it comes with a search box to pull MY customers to other GoTo videos, perhaps even competitors. Unacceptable.

So after not finding answers anywhere, I stumbled on the search bar being hidden when I change privacy setting. I don't care about privacy, I want our channel open to the public web, I just don't want to be used to push OTHER companies videos.  Anywho, I have newsletter and blog deadlines, so I hit the privacy ON, and the search bar went away. However...

so did the ability for our visitors to share via social! Why would the ability for our visitors to share via social be taken away, just so we don't have the search bar promoting other companies videos?

Oh, and there was one other alternative I found. I could go to my video library, and get a link to share. But that link goes to a registration form with NO branding options, and not even a title for the video so the visitor can confirm they are at the right place. Did I miss something? If not, let's make sure companies can brand ALL visitor touchpoints, since we are dropping plenty of work, ad dollars, etc, to drive traffic to the recordings and leadgen functions.

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@donrua   There is one other option, if you save the original webinar's registration link.  Once the event ends / moves to history, and the linked cloud recording finishes processing, you may use the original registration link to send post-broadcast registrants to the recording file, while keeping your original branding intact.  These registrants will appear on the Attendee report for that webinar in your history. 

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Thanks. I didn't have an "original webinar" in this situation. GoTo is winning us over from Zoom, and one of my first steps was to upload a recorded webinar from Zoom, to start trying out the GoTo features in our trial period.

Our rep Michael Ammon was a huge help to me on this, and showed me that I could set up a new webinar, using the recording, and get the benefit of the branded reg form, and set it to on-demand in the process. That should help.

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Yes-- on-demand events can also be scheduled to overlap as needed, unlike live broadcast schedules.