Update State / Province lists for better accuracy

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Update State / Province lists for better accuracy

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Update State / Province lists for better accuracy

We've had registrants point out that they cannot select "other" in the State field when they choose a country other than United States. How can this be resolved?

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@scottstrand  We are working on several improvements to the registration flows in the coming months.  I hope to include an update around this standard registration template as well.

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I provide Webinar only in Italy, but I can't get the province of Italy becouse this list is only populate with US states.



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For several years now, I have been trying to get gotowebinar to add the Australian state/provinces such as New South Wales, Victoria, etc. to the state picklist dropdowns on the registration form but to no avail.  who do I have to contact so that this easy task gets done?

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Hello @markmchenry ,

We have some improvement plans for registration options coming in the future.  I will add your suggestion to the list of enhancement ideas for other users to weigh in on.


Looks like this question has been hanging out their since 2017 - The suggested solution to add a custom question on each webinar is a lot time that could easily be saved by one quick hit item from your development team. 


Please add an 'other' or 'none' to the State drop down field for non-US/non-Canada participants OR grey out the field for state requirement for non-US/non-Canada participants.


If that is not possible (why not?), maybe add explainer text of what the participant can do instead?


Or create a custom question that we can pull into each webinar (we cannot copy every webinar we run from older webinars).


Please resolve. 

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Hello GoTo community. Any update on the issue of the missing "none" or "other" from the state/province drop down list? This is a huge pain point for any company with international clients.

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Let's see, I think this issue dates back about 6 years. They never do anything about it.

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hi GlennD - that's nice to know, but it's not the issue being discussed here.


The issue is that your customers want to be able to *require* the state/province when registrants pick US or Canada (because that data is important and we can't NOT require it) but have a "none" or "other" option for those outside the US/Canada.


This seems like a huge oversight on the part of GTW and almost a bug. It doesn't seem as if it is all that difficult to add just ONE field to the drop-down selection for State/Province. 


We've been asking for this to be fixed for YEARS. We have to do wonky work-arounds to make sure we aren't 1) turning away international business because the form is confusing and 2) losing critical location data for our US/Canada based customers.


Please make this a priority.

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This is not a solution to the problem I've always complained about.  it's the State?Province field that is a the problem. While Canadians have the ability to select their province, they have to sort through all US states after selecting Canada. Only the most persistent ever figure that out. And, we have participants from around the world who can't add their state or province. This has been a problem for as long as I have been a customer, over 14 years. It's just not that complicated. Other companies have solved the problem. SO FRUSTRATING. 

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My comment was not posted as a solution to this issue, just trying to inform as many people as possible that additional countries have been added.