Update State / Province lists for better accuracy

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Update State / Province lists for better accuracy

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Update State / Province lists for better accuracy

We've had registrants point out that they cannot select "other" in the State field when they choose a country other than United States. How can this be resolved?

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My organization works with several states and providences across the United States. When using the pre-generated sign-up form questions, our clients have noticed that American Samoa nor the Northern Mariana Islands is an option to select in the State/Province dropdown. 


Does anyone know how we can add these to the dropdown list manually? Or request GTW to add them to their pre-generated dropdown lists? Thank you.

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Frustaded, not a single soul from GTW is seeing this thread? Since 2017 not having the possibility of choosing the Country and Brazil and present the actual states from it, or Argentina, or any country in LATAM. This is awfull!

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@andrepazleal  I am sorry for the frustrations. 


As you can see on this thread we do make regular updates to the GoTo registration process (last made 12/15/20), and there are plans to make additional improvements in the coming year.  As soon as these are completed we will certainly update the Community with additional information. 

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I am very pleased to share that we have updated the State/Province registration question for GoToWebinar. After a registrant selects their Country/Region they will be able to select their State/Province based on the Country they selected.