Webinar Audio Broadcast cannot be paused/ended

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Webinar Audio Broadcast cannot be paused/ended

Webinar Audio Broadcast cannot be paused/ended

GoToWebinar needs a way to pause or stop the Audio Broadcast on a live webinar if it is started by accident. Once an organizer hits the Start Audio Broadcast button online or presses *1 on the phone, you are committed and attendees hear everything being said. The only way to stop the audio broadcast is to end the webinar and boot everyone out of the session.

This is associated with two other design problems:

1) Panelists do not see audience questions, so I am forced to raise them to organizer status just to see what attendees are asking. Already submitted as a problem, since this gives panelists way too much destructive power over the session.

2) The first thing heard by organizers joining by telephone is a prompt saying "Press *1 to start the audio broadcast."  This is ambiguous to newbies. It feels too much like "Press *1 to start YOUR audio." Change the prompt to "Press *1 to start broadcasting panelist audio to all attendees."

In the meantime, documentation should clearly state that there is no way to pause/stop the audio broadcast once started. 

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Yes, Ken! All on my wish list for improvements, too.
Debbie Kolacki
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Active Contributor

 Is there a way to put eveyone back On Hold during a webinar. If we give attenddess a break during a long webinar it would be great to be able to put eveyone back on-hold so the panelists and orgsanizer can talk without the attendees being able to hear.


If it cannot be done then that woulod be a good feature to ad.



Chris Droessler
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During the intermission, you could have all your presenters  join a GoToMeeting to have their discussion before rejoining the GoToWebinar.


One caveat is that the GoToWebinar and the GoToMeeting must be organized/started on two different computers.

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@fran3101 Staff members may 'Chat' privately with each other, or the entire Staff group.


The only way to get back to the GoToWebinar hallway (before attendees could hear you) in the live broadcast would be to end / relaunch the event again.

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