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Nhà Của Dung
New Contributor

Re: Integrate with Facebook to display live session.

Tab on Facebook
Holly Linam Duk
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Re: Is go to Webinar able to connect with FACEBOOK LIVE?

Glen - is GoToWebinar considering it?  We may have to switch -- 

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Sharing video stream with Switchboard Live

I livestream a weekly meeting using Switchboard live to send video to Facebook to share with the internet audience. Now I want to share the video through GoToWebinar. I need to know what GoToWebinar's contribtuion options are, and if it's a closed network or an open one.


I'd be grateful if someone could advise me on the process of sharing our live events to a webinar audience via Switchboard live.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Sharing video stream with Switchboard Live

Hi Ben,

GoToWebinar Video Sharing typically will be compatible with MP4 files if your plan is to use your own recordings during a live webinar.  All broadcasts are 'closed' in the sense that we're not directly monitoring or recording your session without your explicit permission.  There are several security features you may utilize if you wish to restrict attendee access, such as theRegistration Approval system, and event passwords


I cannot personally speak about any Switchboard integrations, though we do have a full list of active integration options here:

New Contributor

Re: Can I embed/host a live webinar on my website?

I have a variation on this question.


We are using openEDx (or however they capitalize it) as the LMS, and using GTW for the webinars that support our academy attendees.


What would be most awesome is to either have a true integration between the two, single signup for one and triggers the other, or to be able to control access to the webinars signup/access/livewebinars INSIDE the html of our academy.


The problem we have is that URL for the webinars gets passed around and grows distinctly from the invited attendees.  Yes, you will say, we can set the webinar to only allow people we approve, but at 400-1000 per webinar series, this is prohibitively manual in nature.


Any suggestions?



New Contributor

Access to webinar through our own website

Interested in hosting some webinars. Would like people to view it live, as an embed through a page on our website. Possible????


If not the live webinar, then we'd still like to offer viewing of past (recorded gotowebinar) sessions via an embed on a web page. Would that work?


Any and all input and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

New Contributor

Feature Request - Stream to Facebook Live and YouTube Live



I'd like to make a feature request/suggestion.


Stream live to Facebook Live and YouTube Live like Zoom Does.




New Contributor

Facebook and GoToWebinar

Hi I was wondering if it's possible to livestream to Facebook or YouTube during a live webinar on GoToMeeting? Or if not, is that a feature you might be planning to add?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Facebook and GoToWebinar

Hi @FlightBacWeb ,

I'm afraid we don't have this feature set for GoToWebinar right now, and we are considering it for future development.

New Contributor

Can I stream a GoTo Webinar or GoTo Meeting via Facebook?

I am new to GoTo Meeting and GoTo Webinar.  Is there a way to host a GoTo Meeting and stream it on Facebook live?  If so, can someone help with a "How-To" on doing it.  I need to have a public meeting with elected officials joining the GoTo Meeting remotely but I cannot provide the link to the public.  I want to broadcast the GoTo Meeting on Facebook Live so that the public can view the live stream of the meeting.