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Problem with Mac Users GoToWebinar sesion

Good morning,
I do live classes through GoToWebinar. I use the classic version in "standard" mode.


I have several clients having problems joining the sessions through their Macs. They seem to run and download the application correctly, but it won't open.


The clients get the orange application running in their application bar, but they don't get the class or anything, it doesn't open in the background or desktop, the orange application doesn't respond to clicking on its icon.


What is the best solution I can give to these clients?


GoTo Moderator

Re: Problem with Mac Users GoToWebinar sesion

Can you provide more details about the issues they are having? Have they reported what Mac OS version they are using? 


You could: 

  • Try using the new GoTo app.
  • Switch from standard to webcast version where attendees will join instantly using Instant Join, a web browser-based experience that doesn't require any software download. This may be the easier option. 


Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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