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Interacting with Simulated Live Webinars

Hello all! My organization upgraded our GTW package to be able to use the simulated live webinars, but we were told we could still interact with the audiance using this functionality. We haven't been able to acheive this desired experience yet, is there a trick or setting we might be missing? Thanks!

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Re: Can you mange attendees in Simulated Live webinar?

+1 this times 1000.


Don't let issues like poll timing kill this very important feature request.


We were sold simulated live works exactly like a live webinar, but are quickly seeing it's very limited. If we don't get improvements sooner rather than later, we'll absolutely be downgrading our subscription plan.

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Simulated Live webinars - can you host a live q&a at the end?

Hi @leanne13


At this time Simulated Live webinars do not support live Q and A sessions, it is planned for a future update. If you have a GoToWebinar Pro or Plus plan, you can use the video sharing feature to play the recorded presentation and then host a live Q and A.


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Pre-recorded webcast with live Q&A off site

We have pre-recorded a webcast with someone who is off site.  They want to do a live Q&A at the end and they are again off site so will be listening and answering through the go to webinar platform.  Is there a way for them to hear the questions asked where we are and for them to answer (as a panalist with an unmuted mic) without us hearing the question repeated on the live webcast?  Thank you. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Pre-recorded webcast with live Q&A off site

@RPreman  What I would suggest is this: 

  1. Add your special presenter as a Panelist, on your Staff for the scheduled GoToWebinar
    1. This gives them early entry permission, and their own muting controls
  2. When Attendees enter a quesiton through their GoToWebinar interface, these are only visible at first by Organizers (for security reasons)
    1. As relevant questions come in, Organizers can assign these to other staff members for a response (which can then be made publicly or privately)
    2. Panelists can unmute themselves if they prefer to vocalize the answer instead of type it


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Can you host a webinar using a recording but also live Q&A?



We are looking to conduct a webinar whereby the webinar will kick off with a recorded webinar and then when the recording is over there will be live Q&A. Is this possible? i.e the webinar would be both simulated live and also live for the Q&A at the end.


If yes, how do you set this up?



LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can you host a webinar using a recording but also live Q&A?

@oreillg1  Hi Geraldine,

What you will want to utilize in this case is GoToWebinar's Video Sharing technique:


At any time you may also turn on questions for your attendes through the GoToWebinar control panel.


** The actual simulated live scheduling type does not currently allow for live-Q&A


New Contributor

Re: Can you host a webinar using a recording but also live Q&A?

Hi Ash,


Will this have any impact on recording and collecting both the video and audio? I have read in some places that audio will not be collected. Can you verify?


We would like to send the recording including Q&A to non attendees. 


Thank you,


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Can you host a webinar using a recording but also live Q&A?

@oreillg1  With regards to recording and videos, you'll want to ensure the video used is in MP4 format, at 720p.  If you have a previous GoToWebinar recording, this qualifies as a compatible file.


By 'non-attendees', if you mean registrants who do not attend the broadcast, this is also a standard feature of each GoToWebinar schedule (email followup to Absentees).  In this case, you will want to enable Online Recording, and link that recording to the followup emails on the schedule:

Webinar Chick

Re: Can you host a webinar using a recording but also live Q&A?



What we have done is to adopt the following process for replays :

  •  Create an event with a specific date/time as a replay
  • Localize for intro and Q&A (local language, local speakers)
  • Upload a recorded video to that event's video libraryGTW upload video.PNG


  • During the live event, do a live intro, then play the recorded video from  your dashboard, then do live Q&Awebinar video.PNG

     The benefit of doing this is the ability to do multiple events with one core content asset - the recording.  Many times, you cannot expect a speaker to be available for every session.  This is especially useful for series events, global events in multiple time zones, and customized events.