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New Contributor

I want to cancel the overlapping subscription.

Use Google Translate from Thai.

Due to miscommunication.
Mislead the financial administrator about the annual membership payment.
Therefore there were 3 overlapping applications.

Last year I paid the membership fee 3 times. In which the actual use is only 1 time application.
It causes wastage of money applied for more than 2 times.
Therefore, I would like the admin to cancel 2 more times that are coming up on the day the money will be deducted from the credit card.
Because recently it has been deducted 1 time. And the second time will come on 16 July 2024 and the 3rd time will be on 24 July 2024.
And this matter is urgent because of last year's amount that was deducted. It is surplus that is not being used and the amount for us is quite large.
We try to use Thai for Google to translate.
If there are any mistakes in language, I apologize here.

"In conclusion, I would like to cancel the payments on July 16 and July 24 only, so that only July 2 is left for use."



GoTo Manager

Re: I want to cancel the overlapping subscription.

Hello @KimZaOnLinE, I have created a support ticket for you and someone will contact you to assist.


ฉันได้สร้างตั๋วสนับสนุนสำหรับคุณแล้ว และจะมีคนติดต่อคุณเพื่อช่วยเหลือ


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New Contributor

canceling my subscription before I am billed again.

Hi There!

I am writing to request assistance for canceling my subscription. Because I have 3 subscription. I would like to cancel before I am billed again.

Here is the subscription I want to cancel.

  • Hamachi Network Standard : Service ends on Jul 16, 2024
  • Hamachi Network Standard : Service ends on Jul 24, 2024

Web contact me as soon as possible.I looking forward to receiving your help.