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Stop files and folders sharing for specific user/network



As the title says I am trying to stop Windows's files and  folder sharing for specific user or network. I have tried achieving this by blocking port 445 via the Windows Firewall. When I setup the rule without any conditions it works and block it, but when I set specific IP (Hamachi's IP) for the blockage it is not working. 

Basically I am trying to stop it for specific user, but if I can block it for an entire network it will do the job too.

Do you have any idea how can I achieve that?

GoTo Manager

Re: Stop files and folders sharing for specific user/network

Hi @BluePh0eniX, welcome to the community.


File sharing permissions and access to shared resources is all managed by the operating system Windows/Mac OS, not Hamachi itself which is just a network connection. The best way to manage this User's access would be through the User's profile that they are signing in with.



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