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Support for ARM processors?

A GoTo support representative asked me to post here for feature request. We have several Surface 5G tablets that have Microsoft's SQ3 processors as opposed to intel/amd. the problem is the hardware architecture is not supported for use with hamachi. While hamachi apparently has support for ARM processors, it appears to only be available for Linux, whereas our Surface's are obviously running Windows. Would love for a version of the application to run on Microsoft's hardware.

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Re: Support for ARM processors?

no, the company has become rather lazy, even for paying customers. i've switched to surface 8 and 9 with SQ1 & SQ3 chips with the hope they would support ARM. it's been years since the company supported Macs.


i honestly don't understand what the big deal is, particularly when there are paying customers.

GoTo Manager

Re: Support for ARM processors?

Hi @cobi1024,


We released an update earlier this month for Windows 11 support for ARM 64-based processors. Windows RT is not supported.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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