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Warning under Fedora 39 - systemd unit

I am now getting the following warning running Hamachi under Fedora 39


"SysV service '/etc/rc.d/init.d/logmein-hamachi' lacks a native systemd unit file. ~ Automatically generating a unit file for compatibility. Please update package to include a native systemd unit file, in order to make it safe, robust and future-proof. ! This compatibility logic is deprecated, expect removal soon. !"


Is there any workaround short of Logmein putting out an update?  Hopefully there will be one soon as there hasn't been one for some time.


Active Contributor

Re: Warning under Fedora 39 - systemd unit

Found my answer.


Here's how I adapted it for Fedora.  My logmein-hamachi.service file follows:



Description=LogMeIn Hamachi daemon (Fedora)





Installed the above to /etc/systemd/system/logmein-hamachi.service.  

Then ran the following commands as root


systemctl daemon-reload

systemctl start logmein-hamachi

systemctl enable logmein-hamachi


Don't forget to delete /etc/init.d/logmein-hamachi when you're done.


It would be nice if this were incorporated into the .rpm file but until then this fix gets me through the deprecation of init.d services coming up soon.