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Hamachi gateway - how to connect to hosts behind gateway?

Ok.. So here's what I have:


1.) Home network ( - My Hamachi client PC is a Windows 7 box (with static IP on this network).


2.) Cabin network (also - This has a Hamachi Gateway installed (Windows 7 box - with static IP of on the cabin network.


There are other devices on that remote cabin network that I want to access from my home network Hamachi client. I've gotten the two to join a gateway network, and I can get from the client to the gateway (Funny enough the gateway was assigned a address) - but how do I get to the other devices on that remote network? 


Is the issue because I have networks on both sides? After all, if I wanted to get to, how would my PC know to try the local network or over the Internet to the gateway?


What should I do to make it so I can get to a device on the far (Cabin) side?

Thanks in advance!