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Hamachi goes to Self Diagnosis

I am new with VPN use and have had Hamachi running for about two weeks as a hobbyist with good results.  I am not sure after the 2 week free trial if there is anything to change in my settings.  My problem, when I click on the Hamachi icon I normally use to start Hamachi, it come up in the Self Diagnosis screen.  Hamachi service shows stopped, Files and Folders OK, Driver OK.  I am logged into Log Me In and can bring up the Client window that showed the computer online.  I am able to view the remote networks which are connected to this computer which are 3.  In the self diagnosis window I can select Hamachi Service, and click Start, and it quickly tries so start Hamachi and it runs through 3 display lines on the Hamachi service line selection but the are so quick I cant read what they say but it ends up with Service Status : Stopped.  Files and folders and Drivers still okay.  I have tried running it under administrator but no help.  Any ides of getting it to run or does something change after the 14 day trial?

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Re: Hamachi goes to Self Diagnosis

Nothing should change after your trial. If you feel comfortable could you send in a Picture of your Hamachi gui( Please block the Ip addresses and your network name. )