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h2-ui-mb.log excessively large

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Recentlly the free space on my Mac Mini has been "disappearing" and when I say disappearing, I mean I would remove unnecessary files and then a few days later I would get an error message saying "disk is full".


To give you an example, 5 days ago I was running out of space (once again) and couldnt work out why so I relocated a large file (120GB VM) from the Mac HDD to an external USB HDD to free up some space. The Mac Mini has been sitting idle for the last few days and just now when I went to use it I had an error message saying "disk is full".


Really perplexed at how 120GB of free space just "disappeared" in a matter of days on a machine sitting idle, I started mission to work out what could possibly be causing this and and after a bit of searching, it turned out that the logs folder was a staggering 192.94GB which left me absolutely gob smacked. After going file-by-file checking file sizes, I came across the a file called h2-ui-mb.log which was an absolutely impressive 192.56GB which as you can appreciate really blew my mind. File is located in the following directory:


/HDD/Users/USERNAME/Library/Logs/LogMeIn Hamachi/


In the same folder there is a file called h2-ui.log which is currently 12KB


I've had a look through all the network logs and there seems to be very little network traffic with the Hamachi service.


So I guess the questions here are:

1) Can I safely delete this file withhout adversly affecting how Hamachi operates? If so, can I simply "right click -> move to trash -> empty trash" or is there another more appropriate way of deleting this file (note, couldnt find anywhere in the settings of Hamachi to be able to "delete log files")? 

2) Why did this happen? What has caused this?


For what it's worth, machine is running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1 and Hamachi version is



****** EDIT ******

On another Mac, the same file (h2-ui-mb.log) is currently 257.29GB. Machine is iMac 27, Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4 and Hamachi version

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Re: h2-ui-mb.log excessively large

I have just experienced the same issue. My file size was 467GB. Has there been any other news of this or a solution?
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Re: h2-ui-mb.log excessively large

I ended up telephoning support and popping a support ticket through.


Was told to uninstall Hamachi, delete the log files, and then reinstall and monitor the log file growth.


So far the log file is only 7kb which is looking positive.