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Help renewing LastPass Enterprise subscription

A month ago, I received notification that our Enterprise subscription was nearing renewal and that we needed to update our payment details.

Something I tried to do but the system was not giving me any option to do so.

I reported the issue to LastPass support only to receive a reply saying that the only way to add my payment details was to let my subscription expire and then renew once it had expired.

Expire it did, a few days ago and when I went to renew/purchase new licences - I got an error message.

Again I reported it to LastPass support - twice.  Didn't hear anything back.

I started a new ticket and attempted to find a phone number to call.

I no longer have access to phone support because we no longer have an active Enterprise subscription.

I tried calling LogmeIn only to be told that it's another department and I couldn't be transferred.

My team is now several days into not having access to Enterprise features and I have no way of fixing this now.

Our business relies very heavily on LastPass and we've been Enterprise customers for 8 years.

LastPass/LogmeIn are giving me no options than to find an alternative provider.

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Re: Disgracefully poor support with LastPass


Maybe I dont understand but as a enterprise user, don't you have an account manager? We have and he alway replies within a couple of hours!  

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Re: Disgracefully poor support with LastPass

Hi @gerika 

An account manager, you say?  Sounds wonderful.  

We've never had any such a thing with LastPass. 

Perhaps you could forward a link to this thread to your account manager for me.

Although, I'm pretty sure i'm going to dump this mob in favour of Keeper


Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Disgracefully poor support with LastPass

Hi @Brandicooot,


  So that we can resolve this issue as soon as possible, could you reach out to the Enterprise Support team to investigate and fix this for you? You can request a callback by scrolling down and clicking "Contact Support" on this page and entering your Enterprise account info and you should then be given the option to receive a callback usually within less than 5 minutes:

RachelO is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Re: Disgracefully poor support with LastPass

I'm currently experiencing this same issue. We have used LastPass Enterprise for years. Our billing account failed when our subscription expired.  I cannot update the billing account. I cannot get to the Admin console to get a phone number. There is no 5 minute response checkbox for an email to support.  Is there another way to get a quick response?  I can't store my company passwords in an app with this level of support.

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Re: Disgracefully poor support with LastPass

How did you solve the issue? To which other password-provider did you change to resolve that?

Happy if you can share your experience.