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New Contributor

Sites blocking electronic fill

I just looked in another set of posts about people having problems with form fills.

From my experience over the recent past, there seems to be a wave of online sites blocking form fills. Both from LP and cut and paste.

I have spoken to two sites doing it (COSTCO and Citi - tied together at the credit card). Both CS people said essentially the same thing when I asked why - it improves security.

For Citi, it let me enter a pasted PSW (but not filled by LP) for "enter PSW". It immediately fills the field with dots so I can't read the PSW LP generated. Then for the "verify PSW" field the will only allow keyboard entry.

I explained at length to both CS people why I felt that this approach would actually cause a lessening of security, because people finding they have to manually enter these fields are very likely to to use a weak PSW instead of typing a 16 digit mixed content.PSW twice.

Something else for users to be aware of (not an LP thing, but you might think it is). Citi also does a clever thing (not) of deactivating you online account if you do not log on every so many months. Cute. And when it expires, the only thing you know is that for some reason you can no longer log on with your user name and PSW. So you mill about. It finally shows a screen that just says something like "We are experiencing heavy work loads, try later". Later just goes to the same screen. No idea of what has happened.