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Accessing Server (Hub) Mapped drives on a remote client (Spoke) - How?

Hub + Spoke network set up and working......


but I want to access hub mapped drives and I cannot at present.


The only things I appear to have access to are the server shares, and these have to be physically connected drives (none-networked).


To be honest I am in the dark as to what resources Hamachi has access too. Internet traffic from the client does not route to the server (?) but this can be useful but rules out Intranet access.


So a more general question would be for an explanation of how to use the thing with respect to resources (server + client end) as Ive yet to see any documentation on this.






New Contributor

Re: Accessing Server (Hub) Mapped drives on a remote client (Spoke) - How?

I have been able to map drives using Hamachi, but it requires manually setting up the network settings on each spoke connection.  If you go into the Network and Sharing center, and go into the properties of the Hamachi Network adapter, then change the IPv4 settings.  Add the IP address of your "Hub" server's Hamachi address as the primary DNS server.  Then you should be able to use mapped drives across the Hamachi tunnel. 


What I haven't figured out, is how I can make this change globally through the Hamachi settings.