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New Contributor

Cannot get adapter config on diagnose

Tunnel: OK

Local results:
	Adapter configuration: OK
	Traffic test: OK
Peer results: [217-079-555]
	Adapter configuration: 
			Cannot get adapter config
	Traffic test: Cannot complete test

this is what i get when i hit "diagnose" on my friend's icon...also i get the "relayed tunnel" issue?any help?

Active Contributor

Re: Cannot get adapter config on diagnose

Hi. I fixed that problem by unchecking items on the Hamachi Network Interface. I unchecked two items: Microsoft PEF NDIS ETW Provider Driver and Microsoft Network Monitor 3, then I restarted the VPN and got it working! Might not be the same items, try to disable many and see if it works, because disabling only one of those two, didn't work. I had to disable a few. Let only enabled Client for Microsoft networks, File and Printers share for Microsoft networks, the IP version 4 and version 6, E/S controller and the (really not well translated) device of answer of detection...... (at least with Windows 7). Let only those 6 and enable one by one to see which ones are causing the issue. Sorry for the items list, I couldn't translate them very well, specially the last one. Hope this helps!