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Configuring HomeGroup on a local network where Hamachi is installed

I support a small business network with 3 computers, all running Windows 10. Two are Creators Edition, one is the version just prior to that. I have installed Hamachi on all 3 computers. All 3 are set up to auto-update Hamachi and all are running the most recent version,


Some time ago I set up HomeGroup on this network to allow them to share documents, pictures, etc among all 3 computers. Now the HomeGroup is no longer working, the HomeGroup has been mysteriously dropped from two of the computers. When I try to set it up again, Windows tells me no HomeGroup is detected on this network.


This has happened in the past, and the fix was to disable Hamachi on all 3 computers, delete the HomeGroup from the network, reboot all 3 computers, and restart them one at a time and set them up from scratch into the HomeGroup. I'll be trying that in the next couple of days and hopefully that will fix things again. But I'm concerned that once I turn Hamachi back on again, we'll have the same issue.


Is there something I am doing wrong that is causing this behavior, or is there something I need to do differently to prevent it from happening again?


I looked through the forum posts and see some things about HomeGroups, but mostly dealing with setting them up through the Hamachi gateway. I'm more interested in setting one up locally, but still having Hamachi installed for remote support purposes.


I wanted to note that Internet works on all 3 computers, so that's not an issue.


Any help is appreciated!