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New Contributor

Everything works! ... except remote desktop.


I'm really sorry to have to take to the forums for this, but at this point I'm just plain stumped, so I would really appreciate the help if anyone could assist.


Essentially I'm experimenting with using Hamachi to allow me to tunnel in for remote desktop access, because I would rather not have that facing outwards towards the net. Now, I've set up Hamachi on Computer A as a gateway. I've then got Computer B and Computer C on the same network as Computer A. 


Now, I've also installed Hamachi on Laptop A as a normal member. I can connect, and from there I can ping Computer B and Computer C. Hell, I can even access the network shares on these two machines, but I cannot seem to get a Remote Desktop Connection going. I can do this if I place Laptop A on the same network, but the moment I have it on a seperate network tunneling in via Hamachi... well, it just doesn't work. 

I'm utterly stumped as to how I can ping and access network shares, but not access RDP. Any suggestions? What have I missed?

New Contributor

Unable to Remote Connect when Hamachi is installed

Hello, I am not able to establish a connection with Windows Remote Desktop when Hamachi is installed.

As soon as I unistall Hamachi everything is OK and I am able to connect with Remote Desktop.

Could you please support me on this as I need to have both working correctly - Hamachi and Remote Desktop.


The PC is with Windows 10 64bit OS, Hamachi is ver.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unable to Remote Connect when Hamachi is installed

@enrikodimitrov  Was RDP active when you first installed Hamachi? 

Have you tried to reinstall Hamachi through a different connection type or while physically at that PC?


New Contributor

Re: Unable to Remote Connect when Hamachi is installed

@AshC RDP was active when I installed Hamachi for the first time.

Reinstalling Hamachi is a difficult process .. I have to login into Safe Mode, uninstall Hamachi network adapter via Device Manager and then login normally in Windows and uninstall Hamachi from Programs and Features because otherwise the uninstall process is stuck and unable to succeed.

Physycally that PC is not with me, it is in another country. Actually the PC is Intel NUC and tried with a different connection types with no result.