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Fully removing Hamachi



I have a Mac and I am not very tech savvy so I may not have all details to help with a solution. Either way, about two years ago I mistakenly downloaded LogMeIn Hamachi for something I thought I needed it for (I don't remember what). I found out I didn't need it and tried to delete it right away, but it kept coming back. It wasn't harmful per se, but it was obnoxious to see it always ingering at the top of my screen. About a week ago I started to google how to get rid of it because I had already deleted the application (which I thought would do the trick). I found many different places that this thing had buried its components and started to remove those. But then I found a whole folder that does not belong on my computer. It is found in my hard drive under "Logs," but every time I move it to my recycle bin, it comes back in five seconds. I also cannot open it because it says I don't "have permission to" which I don't understand.


If there's anyone that could help me figure out how to get rid of this, please reply. I am a little wary of trying to download this again just to delete it because I do not want to go through this tiring process again and risk yet another virus on my computer.


Thank you