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New Contributor

Hamachi and Tunngle tunnel problem on windows 8

First of all, sorry i don't know a lot of english.


So, i was using Hamachi, normaly, but yesterday i install Tunngle (before install i create e restauration point), just for see, i din't like and i restaure that point, after that, today, i tried play (Don't Starve Together) with my friend, like i always do, and din't work.


Hamachi work's fine, he opens, i can see my friend online, i can ping her, i can send a message, but wen i tri to host the game, or enter on her game already hosted, just don't show up on the list.


I tried re-install, i start "services.msc" and reboot the Hamachi, and nothing. I don't know what else i can do.

New Contributor

Re: Hamachi and Tunngle tunnel problem on windows 8

Hola amigo ,no tengo solucion a eso pero como le hiciste para usar don't starve en hamachi esque quiero jugar con alguien y no se como se usa para dont starve