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New Contributor

Hamachi connection Issue

hello, i am having issues with hamachi,


i have set up hamachi on a new system, i have join a network i have join before on other systems, 

i am ONLINE but it is not showing me in the network, it shows the HOST but not me,


here is a link to show


also in networks it shows no internet acsess but is still reciving & sending 

heres a image to show


i have done the following:

uninstalled & reinstalled hamachi

checked the firewall and its set to allow ect

uinstalled the driver and reinstalled with setup

and also set hamachi as priority in network settings


the driver is showing in device manager just cant seem to figure out why it works on my other system and not this one, any ideas or help 



New Contributor

Re: Hamachi connection Issue

Dude i have the same issue, did you ever get yours fixed