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Hamachi for Mac: No Network Button in Toolbar

Disclaimer: I have read this post, and while part of the issue is similar, part of it is very different. My Hamachi client says that I am connected, and running the port scan in Network Utility.




Hello! I downloaded LogMeIn Hamachi for Mac last night. When I open Hamachi for the first time, I am greeted with the message "Please click the Power on button to get started." I click ok, and at this point, the client is a simple rectangular box with a blue power button, and the text "" (newline) "Offline". The white area below this text is empty, and the toolbar reads "LogMeIn Hamachi / Manage / Help." I click the power button, the "Offline" text changes to "connected" as a pop-up login window opens. The window prompts me to log in using my LogMeIn ID; I do. The client now looks exactly as it did before, but the power symbol in the blue box is yellow instead of white, and "offline" has changed to "connected," as I mentioned. The toolbar is the same, and the white space below the top of the client box is still blank. Clicking on "Manage" in the toolbar shows a drop down with a single option, "Manage networks," but clicking this does nothing. Nothing in LogMeIn Hamachi > Preferences seems to suggest that I can create or join a network from there.


I was under the impression from videos and written guides that there should be a "Network" tab in the toolbar. Can anyone help me with creating and/or joining a network? Thanks.

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Re: Hamachi for Mac: No Network Button in Toolbar

I had this problem until I reinstalled it! That seems to be the problem fixer for now.