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Hamachi memory leak

Well, let me start off straight...have been using hamachi for many years now, even before the ''login to blablabla'' thing and from back then till now (been using it on/off on many different devices etc.) there's been a huge memory leak...and i do mean huge...(pic is from right now, max i got a year ago was ~14GB usage...)


Like...i do have 32GB of ram but holy hell this is's a tunneling engine, it's not a game, not a video editing software...not even Chrome eats that much ram...and like i said this has been a problem since years ago and i see they still haven't fixed it. 


I'm not gonna say it's an easy fix since my knowledge of programming isn't big, but you had many years and many people that know how to program...and this still exists?


Seriously, what the hell is that? I have like 100 Chrome tabs open and i barelly brake 5GB of ram usage on it over the course of a week not restarting Chrome...i leave this open for 3 days ''hurrhurr 9GB huehue''.


Before anyone does the usual questions. Yes it's the latest version, yes i tried reinstalling, yes i tried a different PC, yes i tried installing an older version and then updating etc.

Does anyone have a magical ''plsnomemoryleak.bat'' file or something that i can DL somewhere? There must be something that can be done, cause this is really starting to give me cancer...


PC specs:

Xeon E5-2670

4x8GB 1600MHz

Asus Rampage IV Formula

GTX 980ti

800W FractalDesign 80+gold modular





New Contributor

Re: Hamachi memory leak

I have to say that I agree. This memory leak stuff has started to cause me some real issues. My work around has been to script a restart of Hamachi every night but that shouldn't be needed if they were actually maintaining the product. (Which, I don't think they are to be honest...)