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Hamachi2 Gateways - Lessons Learned

Here are a few things that I've learned in setting up Hamachi Gateways...


  • It's easier to install the client on the gateway before creating a Hamachi Network.  This makes it available to select during the "Create Network" wizards.
  • At least for gateways, it is easier to create the network from the site, not the Hamachi client.
  • The Hamachi Client not only runs on all client computers, it also runs on the Gateway computer.
  • Running the gateway on VMWare vSphere ESX 4.0 (also ESX 3.x) requires the network adapter in ESX to be configured in "Promiscuous Mode".  If it is not configured, network connectivity on the server VM will be lost when the Hamachi Client on the Gateway is installed.
  • Based on the above, I suspect "Promiscuous Mode" would need to be turned on when using a more advanced SOHO or business grade switch like an HP ProCurve.  Consumer grade switches already have it turned on.
  • Must "Disable UAC" on Vista and Server 2008.  Google to find out how.  On 2008 this can be done by Start -> Run -> msconfig -> Tools tab -> "Disable UAC"
  • I've gotten Hamachi to works on Server 2003, Server 2008, and XP as gateways.
  • I've been able to get Hamachi to work as a client on Windows 7 Ultimate, Vista, and XP.
  • On Windows 7 Hamachi required my RSA key to be authenticated.  This showed up as a blocked connection.  Right click -> Details... -> then double click Authentication and click "Trusted"
  • If the client running on the gateway is "Powered Off" it disconnects all Hamachi connections essentially turning the entire Hamachi Gateway network off.   

Tunnel notes - Under connection "details... " in the Hamachi client

  • "Direct" links are the best tunnels and I typically see Round-trip times of 45-60ms where I'm at. 
  • "via Relays" is the next best tunnel and I typically see 100-200ms Round-trip times.
  • "via Servers" is the slowest and with the free Hamachi product I've seen 500+ms Round-trip times.
  • When Hamachi first connects it finds the fastest link then if the fast link drops off for whatever reason, it reconnects with the next fastest tunnel until it connects "via Servers"

Add comments as needed.





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Of course, everybondy replies instead of posting a new topic as ability to a start a new topic is yet another oversight of the LogMeIn folks. I am a very long-timer user of Rescue, Ignition, Hamachi, and Central.


Rescue is terrific. The rest of their product line is lost in space. I use their other produsts mentioned above for my personal access to our networks and they are mostly free . . .  so I get better value than what I pay for.


Hamachi is a good idea . . . poorly documented and executed. Their technicians do a good job trying to support it . . . but it is a hopeless task. Hamachi is flakey. Sometimes requires unistall/reinstall, sometimes works for months. Sometimes the same daily solution will work everyday, or most days, for a while.


If you are a network administrator or have other technical credentials, use LogMeIn products for convenience, but never in a production environment unless you like being on-call 24 x 7

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Hmmm, you must have found a rare, secret page that contained helpful information. LogMeIn has taken case to get rid of the page you reference.
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Hi and thanks to everybody for sharing your experience and experiments with hamachi.
Here I try to describe my scenario with my issues.

I've already installed hamachi on my raspberry pi and I was able to create my VPN with my gateway (raspberry_pi).
I am also able to connect to my gateway (raspberry) by remote session using ftp and ssh.

So, until now all the stuff is working very well.
The problem I have is that if I try to access to the IPCAM or router web page present locally in my gateway LAN, many times I am not able to reach them. In addition, if I try to run the desktop in my gateway (raspberry_pi) and I try to connect to my raspberry_pi using it's graphical interface, I am not able to see it (except for some times) and the connection drop irreversibly.
I have also to say that I am using a mobile 3G connection to connet my gateway (rasperry_pi) over internet.

So my questions are:

1. Is not the raspberry able to work like a gateway? Is it not powerful enough?
2. Do I need to set up some particular stuff in order to speed up and keep alive the connection with my gateway and also with all other devices connected to the lan?
3. Is it an internet connection problem?

What do you suggest and how can I solve my situatuion?

Thanks a lot in advance,