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Hub and Spoke - How to define




From the User Guide

About Hub-and-Spoke Networks
In a hub-and-spoke network, one or more computers act as hubs, while other clients connect as spokes. Spokes connect to hubs, but never to each other. Hub-and-spoke is typically used when a workstation (spoke) needs to connect only to servers (hubs). For example, in a library, the catalog is a hub while workstations accessing the catalog are spokes. Hub-and-spoke is ideal if you want strict control over connections between network members.

Important: If you set every member of a hub-and-spoke network to be a hub, you essentially turn the network into a mesh network. Similarly, if you set only spokes, your members will be unable to make a connection.



How do you configure who is a hub and who is a spoke?


Would this be the best choice for mobile users wanting to connect to a network?





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Re: Hub and Spoke - How to define

Its been 4 years. Has anyone figured this basic imperative feature out yet? It seems the only way to get things is when first setting things up and even then... Same with gateaway. Where do you define gateway?


If they were smart they would get this sorted out as there seems to be a large demand for this software specially with gamers.

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Re: Hub and Spoke - How to define

Hi pbody,


Page 44 of the User Guide covers the steps required to modify a client's role in a network.

Hope this helps.



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Re: Hub and Spoke - How to define

I have not yet found in the User Guide how to configure each network member individually, such as Hub or Spoke. Page 44 talks only about the configuration of the group's network type, not each member's network type. Example: I add a new member; how to set whether it will be Spoke or Hub? Thank you.