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PC appears offline in one of the networks

I have several networks, and as you can see below, in first and third network my pc is online, but in second it is offline (online, but with red dot). What is the problem?

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Appears offline

Helllo, i'd like you to help me with mi issue, the owner of the net appears offline to me,  but my friends can connect with no problem. 


Retired LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Appears offline



Can you check and make sure that the network owner has not created a more up to date network, as he's had to reinstall hamachi on that system.


generally, if a computer is showing offline for 1 person but not others it has to do with the what version of that machine that thhey are seeing, as each new install will give a unique client id


Try geetting him to send you the network id and password for his network, and re-joining that in the application

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Hamachi Trouble

I am having trouble with my Hamachi. Out of nowhere, my Hamachi has stopped working. Everyone appears offline for me while my friend’s say I’m offline for them. I ran the diagnostic tool and a yellow “!” appeared for tunneling, and when I uninstalled and reinstalled, the “!” in the diagnostic tool came back after rejoining the networks. I’ve tried nearly every online solution I could find and so far, none of them have helped. If anyone has had the same problem and can help me, that’d be much appreciated.

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Re: Hamachi Trouble

Same here, online but cannot connect to my other machines

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Re: I am online but appearing offline.

simple solution, I always forgot and have to re-install Hamachi everytime 😞

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I am online but appearing offline.

why this happening...???


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Re: I am online but appearing offline.

i tried uninstalling 5 times nothing still works


New Contributor

Re: I am online but appearing offline.

I had to go into Task Manager, End Task hamachi-2-ui.exe and then go to c:\ProgramFiles(x86)\LogMeIn Hamachi and double-click on hamachi-2-ui.exe. The VPN came alive instantly.