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Remote Gateway with 2 Network Adapters

I wanted to use Hamachi to have our on site techs use their Hotspot to connect to the internet via wifi and have the Hamachi pass the wired connection to the equipement racks so a remote support guy can log into the network and see the wired adapter of the on site guy so the remote support guy can see all of the gear in the rack to make changes to the systems. When we try this we only get the IP address of the WIFI adapter so there is no way to get to the rack. 

ie. The onsite guy gets 172.20.xx.xx on his wifi so the remote support user sees that address but the onsite guy has his computer wired to the rack with a address. 

Is there a way to "bridge" or forward everything so the remote support guy gets the 192.168.1.xx  network rather than the network? 


New Contributor

Re: Remote Gateway with 2 Network Adapters

Just to update. I do have the Gateway settings in remote network tab for a mask of network. It is a windows 10 machine and I am not able to ping or talk to the device on the gateway side. I can ping the from the gateway machine. The gateway machine has a IP address of with a mask of no other gateway set in that adapter or dns.