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New Contributor

Unable to install or unistall Hamachi

I tried to uninstall LogMeIn Hamachi to install it again due to a small issue. But after I supposibly finished uninstalling the program, my PC's Control Panel still showed LogMeIn Hamachi as a exisiting program. So I tried to uninstall yet again, only to quickly receive a "Preparing to Remove..." screen which then disappears after a split second. After this nothing would happen, no matter how many times i try to uninstall the program. So, as a ultimate alternative, i went into my PC hardrive and deleted every file with the word "Hamachi" in it, in hopes to remove the program from my computer. But to no avail, LogMeInHamachi is still registered on my PC's list of programs. So far I have tried to install the software again, only to recieve an error message or a request to update from the version ( ) that somehow exist and doesn't exist on my PC, and using various softwares to isolate and delete the program. But nothing is working. So if anyone has some sort of solution to this problem, please help. I will very much appreciate it.