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VMware vCloud Air - Gateway machine

I have spun up a Windows 10 machine and installed the Hamachi client.


My local workstation is Windows 7 64-bit, I've installed the Hamachi client.


I've created a network and added both machines.


I have the Win 10 machine configured as a gateway.


The Hamachi diags are telling me all traffic is blocked.  I have verified that the Windows Firewall has been disabled completely.


Is there a difinitive source on the correct way to set up a gateway (maybe with sample settings?)


The one thing I did try was to fill in the gateway settings for DHCP.  This gives my workstation an IP address, but the gateway itself never picks on up (that is the IP that shows on the workstaion for the gateway shows


Someone please point me in the right direction.



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Re: VMware vCloud Air - Gateway machine

I watched a few vids on YT and made some progress.


Since there is no DHCP on the gateway side I assigned it (the Hamachi adapter) a static IP.  I then updated the gateway settings via the gateway client.


When I connect my local machine it gets the IP that I was expecting.


I can ping the gateway machine.  I can't ping anything else on the far side.  So I am still missing something.



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Re: VMware vCloud Air - Gateway machine


If the VM is acting as the gateway computer you will need to verify that the VM is in promiscuous mode.


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