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What to do?


I installed LogMeIn but I get this error:

Samenvatting (Summary report)

Testnaam (Test name): Peer Resultaat (Result): [ROOD (RED)] -> Problemen gevonden
Details (Details):

Tunnel: (TunnelSmiley Happy
TAP-netwerpadapter VPN-domein is uitgeschakeld (VPN domain's tap device is down)

Lokale resultaten:
Kan adapterinstellingen niet ophalen (Cannot get adapter config)
Verkeerstest: Kan test niet voltooien (Cannot complete test)
Resultaten van peer: [218-986-496]
Adapterinstellingen: OK (OK)
Verkeerstest: Inkomend verkeer geblokkeerd, controleer instellingen firewall (Inbound traffic blocked, check firewall settings)


What can I do?

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Re: What to do?

Verify that you don't have multiple Logmein virtual ethernet adapter drivers in Device Manager. If you do, remove them both, and reinstall Hamachi.