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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

For what it's worth:


I'm still on 10074 (slow ring) and had trouble installing Hamachi following the instructions in this thread.

I tried combining the hamdrv.inf from *.238 with more recent versions of Hamachi, but to no avail. I also tried the latest version *.329 with no success.


But what did work for me was:

- use *.319 version installer

- this installer did not 'wait' for the adapter to be installed, nor did the adapter appear under network connections

- I left the installer waiting for me to 'launch hamachi'

- I then discovered that it did show a network adapter in the device manager, where I've chosen to 'update the driver software' and navigating to the Hamachi directory under the Program Files (x86) directory.

- Once the driver was installed the network connection appeared.

- I then finalized the installer which launched hamachi and everything worked fine from then onwards.


For all those who are stuck, give it a try.



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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I tried your suggestion this morning, without any luck. I took another run at it this evening, and still no luck. Where I get stuck with your process is that 319 is not installing any driver -- nothing appears in Device Manager for Hamachi when the install finishes and prompts me to start Hamachi.


I tried several jumping-off points from there to get the driver installed, but none of them got the job done. Still ending up at the familiar dead end of "Identifying..." and then "Unidentified Network."


But I appreciate you taking the time to write up your process. Maybe it will help someone else.





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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

This may be a dumb suggestion/observation, but here goes:  If the Hamachi driver is getting installed, but the driver is not working properly, then the source of the problem is most likely not related to the driver code or the executable code (particularly because it is working for some), but rather to incorrect Windows Registry entries for Hamachi. 


So, instead of attacking this problem from the installation processs perspective, we might be better off if we were able to figure out what are the essential Hamachi registry entries in Windows, and then manually editing them to get Hamachi working.


After thinking about this for a while, I did a quick search of the Windows Registry for the word "Hamachi" and unfortunately there were dozens and dozens of entries, so I didn't dig too deep into this. I did some basic checking around for tools to compare registry entries, and there do appear to be a few possibilities available.


However, I only have Windows 10 on one computer, and that's one where Hamachi is currently dead in the water. I would need a registry from a working Windows 10/Hamachi install (and ideally the latest Windows 10 build) in order to run a comparison to see if I can find where the registry for Hamachi is not correct. I'm not sure of the security issues related to exporting and sharing a registry file, so maybe that's a no-go.


But if someone has a registry (as described above), I'd be willing to run some comparisons against them to see if there are any showstopper registry issues. Or maybe someone who has two W10 installs, one with Hamachi working and one where it's not, could take a shot at this.


FWIW, here's a link to an article that explores the process and tools for registry comparisons (there are others): 


I may be completely wrong about the registry as the ultimate source of this problem, and if someone knows that's not a worthwhile pursuit, fair enough. But it seems like knowing what's required for Hamachi to work in terms of Windows registry entries may hold the potential of knowing exactly how to repair Hamachi each time we get a new build, rather than going through new versions of the installation hocus-pocus dance.


Any thoughts/comments?

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I'm going to attack this again over the weekend. I'll have some time.


But going back to my last process in post 69. Have you tried installing the drivers from the command line as so:


  1. Stop the Hamachi-2 process
  2. From an administrator command prompt, go to the Hamachi installation folder
  3. hamachi-2.exe --upd-tap

    hamachi-2.exe --add-tap "Hamachi"

  4. Then restart the Hamachi-2 process.

These are all old school tricks.



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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

Thanks, ingramr1576.


I just tried those and while I was able to follow the process and it appeared that the commands executed successfully, I'm still dead in the water.


But thanks for the additional suggestion.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I've done some more futzing with Hamachi and Build 10130 today, but without any progress. I nuked my current Hamachi installation, including my user settings, and reinstalled it from scratch. I ensured that Hamachi did not update to the newest version.


But I ended up exactly where I started, with the Hamachi adapter showing "Unidentified Network."


So, I ran the Diagnose tools for the adapter and that indicates that the problem is a lack of a valid IP configuration.  If I click the "View Detailed Information" link that appears in the Windows Network Diagnostics dialog, one of the options is to view a .cab file with details of the diagnostics log for this adapter. The entries that seem relevant are shown below (I excluded the IPv6 details):




There's also a file called route print, and again the entries I think are relevant there are shown below:







IPv4 Route Table










I also did a manual comparison between Windows registry entrires for Hamachi for running properly on a Windows 7 notebook and the registry for Windows 10 b10130 where Hamachi is not running correctly. As I mentioned yesterday, there are a ton of Hamachi-related entries in the registry, so it's very difficult to do any A/B comparison, and obviously this is made more difficult due to the likely differences in registry structure between Windows 7 and Windows 10.


But I able to see that the Windows 7 registry entries for IP configuration for Hamachi were significnatly more detailed that what appears to be available for my Windows 10 install. This doesn't provide any specific conclusions, but it does tend to reinforce the thinking that my issue is how the Hamachi adpater's IP configuration is set up.


I suspect that I'm way too deep in the weeds, but thought it might be worth posting these details.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

These new suggestions seem to cause a more unsettling issue. After installing the newest windows 10 build (10130), I had hoped the problems would magically fix themselves. However, it seems the opposite has occurred. 


Hamachi now installs without a hitch and appears to run perfectly fine. Keyword is appears. Unfortunately, I still can't even get a simple ping through, but I did manage to see that the network adapter seems to be trying to do something.


If I go to the details on a client, I can see that the status of the client is randomly flipping from "Operational" to "Diasabled" every second or so. 

This is unsettling to me because it feels like a low-level driver issue.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

OK, I managed to get my Hamachi install working again.


Here's the process I followed to get there.


* First, I uninstalled Hamachi. I did leave my configuration settings when I did the install, largely by accident. I thought about going back and trying to nuke those as well, but I figured my next step would probably take care of it anyway.


* Second, I fired up the Windows tool regedit.exe. I searched for "Hamachi" and I then proceded to delete every reference to hamachi that appeared in the registry. Note that I ended up doing three separate passes, meaning that when the registry editor informed me that it had found all references, I returned to the very top of the registry and did another pass. This turned up additional registry keys for Hamachi, as did a third pass. I think the reason this happened is that whenever you delete a registry entry or key, the cursor advances to the next key and sometimes this may have been a Hamachi key (and because the cursor was already on it, the find function moved to the next one). 


In total, I would say there were in excess of 50 "hamachi" references in the registry.


* Third, I did exactly the same process for lmiguardian. I'm not even sure what this does, but I noticed it as one of the running Hamachi processes in the Task Manager, so I figured those should be elminated, too.  There were only two or three references to this executable.


* Fourth, I rebooted. Some may say that this is an unnecessary step, but it can't hurt.


* Fifth, I reinstalled Hamachi 319, and when it began to install the network drivers, I right-clicked on my hamachi.drv file I have on my desktop and clicked Install, and then I received confirmation that the "operation completed successfully."


* Sixth, before starting Hamachi, I disconnected my Ethernet cable, as I wanted to ensure that Hamachi did not do an automatic upgrade. As it happens, when I started Hamachi and checked the update entry in Preferences, it was NOT checked. So, I plugged the network cable back in and checked to see if the adapter was showing in the adapter listings under the Network and Sharing Center. It was -- success!


* I updated my proxy for the correct listening address, restarted my proxy server, and it connected. I confirmed via my web browser that my proxy was working properly.


I hope this proves helpful to others. I do caution creating a restore point before making any changes to the registry and then taking your time and watching very carefully what you're doing when you're getting ready to delete registry entries. 


Good luck!

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I am running the current version of Hamachi -, on Windows 10 Build 10130.  First time install for Hamachi, I went to the command promt (with admin permissions), and installed Hamachi.


Here is the strange part.  Under network connections, the Hamachi Adapter is not showing up - only the ethernet adapter.  When I join my "test network" (simple mesh network), I am connected and show up online.  No errors are shown.  I am able to connect to other computers on this VPN.


However, if I switch to my "corporate" network (it is a gateway), I get the tunneling error.  Not sure if this is caused by the fact that my test machine is on the same physical network and trying to connect to the corporate VPN.  My choice is to try the update at home and try to connect....


BTW - my test machine is a virtual machine (one of eight configurations on Server 2012) - it has 8GB RAM and 2 CPU cores.


Screen shot:

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I tried to connect - when a second computer joins the "test network" from any location, I get a tunneling error on the Windows 10 test machine.  As soon as the computer logs off the test network, the Windows 10 test machine is back connected properly.  So even though the previous post appeared that it was working - it was not.  I am using teamviewer to connect to this PC for the tests...