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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I'd suggest you scroll back through this thread to get a better handle on what will and won't work.


For example, as far as I've seen (and based on my own experiences), no one is successfully running build 328 of Hamachi on Windows 10. You need to focus your future efforts on b319, and forcing the drivers installation as detailed elsewhere in this thread. You also need to prevent Hamachi from automatically updating to the latest version (via settings).


Sorry I can't help with other specifics, but until you get onto 319, there's not much anyone here can do to help you.


Good luck.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I've been running 328 on my Windows 10 Build 10130 since early in the release. Check back to my last posts for details.


Here's a screenshot to verify:

Screenshot Windows 10 Build 10130 & Hamachi 328



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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

OK, my bad. 


I stand corrected.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

Nah, wasn't trying to jump, friend. (Forgive the duplicate to PM).


Just reminding that I've got it and it is possible.


Tired after a long day of international security training. Calling it a day. Later.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I was able to get it installed, and join a network (which it shows online in the web interface).  The problem is when any other computer is joined into that network - it goes offline immediately.  If I remove the 2nd computer, it goes back online...


Windows 8.1 PRO works great on all my computers currently - so my current plans are to remain with that installation for the near future....I just want to keep testing - as eventually, I want to have Windows 10.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

The more things change, the more they stay the same.


I've installed, in sequence, Windows 10 builds 10158 and 10159. In both cases, this broke Hamachi, and so far, I've not succeeded in getting it working.


The usually reliable method of force-installing the Hamachi driver from Hamachi build 258 while installing 319 does not work, as the driver does not appear at the conclusion of the installation process. Installing the driver manually, via the Device Manager's legacy hardware option does appear to install the driver, but when you check its status in the Network Adapters panel it shows it's doing its old Identifying Network/Unidentified Network song and dance.


I'll be attempting a few other approaches today to try to get this working. If I have any success, I'll be sure to document it here. If anyone else succeeds with b10159 and Hamachi, please share your details.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I found out a couple of things with Hamachi and Windows 10/Server 2012.  Not only are there issues with in installing, but there are issues with multiple gateways being installed which create multiple issues within the network.  After spending hundreds of hours troubleshooting, and after removing all Hamachi software from the network, the network started working properly with top speeds achieved again.


I don't have a complex network - 5 servers, 4 are 2008R2, 1 is 2012.  The Server 2012 is my virtual desktop server - having 8 desktops installed.


I setup Windows RPD services, and everything works like a champ.  Until LogMeIn fixes these issues, I don't have the time to play around and try to rig up something that appears to work...when I have a solution that works.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

OK, I managed to get both Hamachi and Privoxy working again on Windows build 10159. 


I tried a combination of things, but what ultimately did the trick was the following:


* Unstalling Hamchi. I left my personal settings.


* Eliminating "hamachi" and "lmiguardian" references from the registry.


One minor wrinkle here: Last time I did this to get Hamachi running on W10 build 10130, I was able to eliminate every single reference to these two terms that regedit.exe found. But this time there were maybe a half dozen that it would not allow me to delete. It appeared that these registry keys were locked, similar to the way Windows locks system or program files that are currently being used. However, I had completely uninstalled Hamachi and I checked via task manager to make sure that none of the Hamachi programs were running and none could be found.


So, I eliminated everything I could and I rebooted. Then I went back into regedit.exe and eliminated the additional items it would allow, but still, there were a few that could not be deleted. <shrug> I rebooted again before moving to the next step.


* After previous attempts to install Hamachi 319, I decided to see if I could get it working with Hamachi 328. When I started out on this track, I was planning to allow the 328 install to take place without any intervention. However, when it got to the "Installing Network Driver..." it seemed to take FOREVER. So, I got impatient and decided to force install the driver from Hamachi 319, via the right-click/Install method. That seemed to work, because when the 328 install finally finished, I was up and running.


Again, I just want to reiterate that if you decide to try this method yourself, be sure to create a restore point with Windows before making any changes to the registry.


One interesting sidenote: When I was running W10 b10130, I had the System Restore switched on for my C drive, but the install for Windows b10158 or b10159 turned it off. So, I needed to reinstate that setting before I could create a restore point. More to the point, my previous restore point, created under b10130 was no longer available. I suspect that Windows does this to prevent any incompatibilities that might take place between versions/builds.

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I sloved this problem.

I'm also using and using

Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview

Build 10130


I tried and sloved the problem that hamachi not work.

First stop all hamachi interface and service

Open cmd over Administrator, then "cd" to hamachi install directory.

Open decice manager, find "LogMeIn Hamachi Virtual Ethernet Adapter" and remove it(if it doesn't there I don't know why...)

run hamachi-2.exe --add-tap "Hamachi" in cmd.

When it has been start some message rolling cycle, a new "LogMeIn Hamachi Virtual Ethernet Adapter" will show in device manager.

right click ande select "update driver"

choose the hamachi install directory and it will install the driver.

But be fast , must before the rolling cycle over and show error message.

Now it should show "device found, status enabled, running"

and what what what what what and "add_tapdev() ok"

restart hamachi services , open hamachi and it should work now.


My way have works and I don't know why LOL

My English not good , I'm sorry.

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Re: Windows 10 Hamachi drivers not installing

I have had the exact opposite experience. Both on my home and work Windows 10 installs, 10158 and 10159 have worked flawlessly on first boot.


I have not had to touch anything settings at all.