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Re: "Password Rejected"

hi thanks its work

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Re: "Password Rejected"

OK, so you know how you signed up here? Used your Email to register and log in, and then chose a Username/Screen Name that displays who you are?

Same concept.

The Network ID is the actuall ID of the network, it'll be in this format 123-456-789, but the numbers won't be in sequence. The Network Name is just the name of the network, it's not used to log in to anything on the network, it just labels the network. You need the 9 digit Network ID to actually connect to it.

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Re: "Password Rejected"

This may work with a small network, or if your using one account to all your hamachi instalations, but if you have one different account for each logmein instalation it won´t work.


It shoudn´t be so hard to make this feature work. It seems to be an old issue and so far I rarely see anyone from the logmein support to answer the forum´s question.


If it wasn´t for the community to help each other this forum would be dead.

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Re: "Password Rejected"

my friend tried to join my server and "password Rejected" came up i checked the password multiple times and tried the name of the server AND the *** - *** - *** AND the **.*  *.** . *** nothing works help pls 🙂