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Newbie - need help with installation.

I have just been given admin access to Logmein Central for our organisation in the absence of a colleague, I can see all the host (I think) computers and whether they are on or not etc, and I can see Networks & Deployments sections. 


I have a colleague who has been issued a new laptop, and needs to install Logmein so he can access a host computer from the new laptop - where is it that I need to go within Central to do this, do I need to be in Central to help generate the installation files he needs? I have been reading the guides but find them difficult to follow ... and they seem to be guiding me through setting up a new host, which in this case I don't think I need to do. 


If anyone can help me in plain language, I'd be so grateful. 

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Re: Newbie - need help with installation.

Hi @coletteb 

Welcome to the Community.


In your case, you will want to review the levels of User Access you can grant to an individual: 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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